FORTUNE4U fee is based on the annual salary package or cost to company package at which the candidate is employed, including all benefits and bonuses.

7 % of the annual CTC of candidate



  • Replacement period means that the Client has recourse to FORTUNE4U for a 90 day period if the Candidate is dismissed by the client due to incompetence, dishonesty or the Candidate tenders his/her own resignation.
  • The guarantee period referred to above is conditional upon the Client settling the agreed placement fee within14 days after the date of joining of the candidate. If the candidate is dismissed by the Client due to incompetence, dishonesty or the Candidate tenders their own resignation within the relevant guarantee period then:
    (i) FORTUNE4U will try to the best of their ability to replace the Candidate free of charge subject to 4 weeks exclusivity to source a suitable replacement, providing FORTUNE4U is notified within
    5 working days of such dismissal, and providing the position and remuneration are consistent.
    (ii) If no suitable replacement Candidate is found then FORTUNE4U will issue the Client with a non-refundable credit note against future placements (valid for 6 months).
  • FORTUNE4U will not be liable for any loss or damage that may be incurred by the Client arising directly or indirectly from any act or omission by any potential candidate or Candidate placed.
  • The replacement furnished above may not be relied upon where the candidate’s employment with the client is terminated, within the period of the guarantee, for reasons beyond the control of the Candidate such as, but not limited to, restructuring, company closure, change of management, a substantial change from the original job description, redundancy or retrenchment, the conduct of the Client amounting to a breach of its employment agreement which causes the Candidate to resign.
  • In terms of the provision of the Protection of Personal Information, the Client may not utilise the Candidate s information for any other purpose than the vacancy for which it was tendered by FORTUNE4U. In the event that the Client wishes to utilise the candidate in another role or to refer the Candidate to another organisation, such a process must be dealt with through FORTUNE4U.